Are You Using Your God Given Weapons?

When we think of war we often times we think of natural armies on the battle field, and when we think of weapons we think of swords, knives, grenades, guns, etc.  These thoughts are normal in that most people only fight things in this natural realm and we watch scary things of the supernatural on tv just for entertainment. But, if you are a Christian and interested in working the God, you will quickly learn their is a battle that wages far beyond guns and tanks and natural armies.  The battle we fight is more vicious more real than we could ever imagine.  2Co 10:4  (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;).  These strongholds are the spiritual strong places where devils resist the move of God.  If we are going to fight and win we have to fight with spiritual weapons. There are six weapons that will make you effective in fighting the devil.  They are praise, the word of God, the blood of Jesus,Prayer, Testimony, and the gifts of the spirit.


When Joshua surrounded the city of Jericho, he and the people gave out a shout  and the walls of Jericho came crumbling down.  Their shout was like a high praise unto God and it moved God to destroy the walls.

The Word of God….

The sword of the spirit is called the word of God.  The reason why the sword is tied to the word is because we use the word of God to fight the devil.  Jesus was skillful in the word and every time Satan would come to him and try him he would rebuke him with the word.  So many times we endure trouble and pain because we are not skillful in Gods word.

The Blood Of Jesus….

If it was not for the blood of Jesus I don’t know where I would be.  Jesus died on the cross so that his shed blood would cover a multitude of sins and heal all manner of sickness.  When we claim the blood of Jesus, no devil can resist.  The blood is our access to the throne room of God.  He doesn’t see our sin because the blood covers it.  When devils raise calamity in your life, call on the blood of Jesus and watch them flee.


The bible says that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the effectual prayer of a righteous man does much.  If we make a commitment to God, he will make a commitment to us.  Prayer is a  direct line of communication to God.  If you are living right before God, your prayers will be heard, and the power of God will certainly show up in your life.


If you look in revelations is says that we are saved by the word of our testimony.  Many times when life takes us down those crazy turns we forget how God has time and time again delivered us out.  These past experiences should put a testimony on our lips, that our faith may be able to continue to carry us through storms.  David became the king of Israel because he remembered the testimony God had placed in his heart.  When the time came to fight the enemy he was confident he would win, cause he had won so many times  before.

Gifts Of The Spirit….

Their are many gifts given to the body of Christ.  These gifts are for edification of the body of Christ and no gift is any greater than the other.  All of them are used to fight the works of evil in this present day.

Author: kingdomadmin