Unleashing The Fivefold Ministry
In these last days deception and lukewarm spiritual connections with God, rule in the visible Christian church. The bible says that in the last days people will not be able to discern evil from good. We see this in many ways by the fruit that is abounding in the church. Jesus Christ said that you shall know them by their fruits. So what are the fruits that we see today? With scandal upon scandal with many churches, from murder to child molestation, adultery to theft, diluted doctrines and spiritually weak ministers it is not hard to see the work of Satan ruling. They write off trouble with man’s imperfect nature and continue with business as usual. Why is the visible Church being tossed to and fro? When Jesus first anointed Peter to start his church, he said,”the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”Matt 16:18. If the gates are not going to prevail, then the visible Church is obviously at odds with Jesus Christ. Jesus set Peter the Apostle of the Church. He was to set foundation for others to come and work upon what he laid. Though he was equipped with power he was not a force unto himself, but rather a building block to the great work that is the Church of Jesus Christ. Today the bulk of Churches are built from the fabric of Pastors which cater to one function of leadership in the Church. Anyone that wants to be a leader is tied to being a pastor from start to finish. While being a pastor is a honorable and great work to undertake, God never intended for the pastor to be the answer to all in the church. In Ephesians 4:11 is says “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.” These are the leadership groupings that if implemented properly in the Church will form a “church without spot or wrinkle”. If you buy a car with no engine, it might look good, but it won’t crank up and drive. I you buy a car with a engine and no wheels, it will crank but won’t roll. If the car has no steering wheel you cannot control it. The point behind all this is that the End Times Church needs a full implementation of the five leadership gifts within the church. All these are leadership roles and none are greater than the other and should flow in a brotherly agreement. The role of Pastor prevailing in the church with others not focused on or denied, has given the church the benefit of many shepherd’s tending to the flock, but no foundation, no vision, diluted doctrine, churches keeping to themselves. A shepherd(pastor) is someone that takes care of the day to day lives of sheep(Christians), they are very good at comforting, talking about personal problems, keeping people in church, preaching messages of individual growth. This within itself sounds good, but there is so much more to the church and if Satan were not engaged in warfare against the church, the pastor would be all we needed, but we are not blessed to be so blessed. Satan works against churches that don’t have all the gifts in place. He attacks in the areas of weakness. If you were an army wouldn’t you attack in the places that are weak to hopefully eventually dominate the strong areas. If there are no teaching gifts in the church, false doctrine prevails, if there is no prophet, the vision of God is confused, if there is no apostle, the power and foundation of the church is lessened, if there is no evangelist, the winning of souls is nullified and accumulation of the already saved results. If we are going to be ready for Christ to return, we must have a “church without spot or wrinkle”. We must allow his order to be established. We must allow the end time leaders to rise up and fulfill their purpose in the Church.

Author: kingdomadmin