After years of ministry, with many difficult and hard days, I have come to realize that when I started this journey with Christ I had the wrong ideas of what it meant to serve him. When I opened the doors of the church for the first time, I believed that crowds of people would flow in from day one and it would be this miraculous amazing experience. I knew my heart was in the right place and I felt the confirmation of God in my spirit that this was were I was supposed to be. It has been several years now and I have had more stress, more disappointment, more rejection, than I have ever had in my life before. I thought to myself many times that I must be doing something wrong, that I must be out of Gods will, or the devil has me in bondage. But now I truly understand what it means to be a soldier in the army of the lord. Many people sing this song in Churches but until you have experienced it will be hard to fully understand.
I found comfort and excitement when I started reading what Jesus and all the apostles endured during their ministries. In all my frustration and struggles my walk has taken a familiar tone to what many of the apostles endured. Jesus was rejected by his own people and then crucified by them. He had accumulated hundreds of disciples and lost all but the initial twelve in one day of preaching. One of his closest disciples, peter, denied him after he was arrested. What a way for a ministry to unwind, but now Jesus sits on the right had of the father.
Jesus in all his greatness, in all his power, with signs and wonders suffered and dealt with troubles in this life. He came humbly and left in shame, but now he holds the keys to eternal salvation. He seized the destiny that God had for him. Even though he could have stopped his arrest and crucifixion he didn’t because he new that his destiny was tied to going through the cross.
If I desire to do great things in God. I must deal with all the troubles that come my way for the sake of Jesus Christ. I must pick up my cross and follow him. I had a dream a couple of months ago and God told me he was taking me higher. Since then, my whole world has fallen apart. Their has been destruction all around. In all the mess I will still run my race and get to the finish line. I now embrace I have been nailed to the cross. I can get off the journey and probably have a little more peace and security, but the blessings are tied to me going through the cross. So I suffer, yet with joy and an expectancy of Gods greatness being magnified and my destiny fulfilled. Seizing Your Destiny

Author: kingdomadmin