Preaching In The Crosshairs

As I look over the body of Christ.  I am starting to see a trend that time and time again has the same results….Great man of God appears on the scene, does many wonderful works,  attracts thousands plus to his ministry, seems to have the heart of God,  then suddenly the corner turns.   Scandal, Sin, and Death become his hallmarks,  the media and general public has its field day, many are hurt, confused, and turning away from God.  I wont focus on names in this article but I will focus on the spirit involved and the resulting fruit it bears.  I believe that many of these men in the onsets of ministry had a heart for God,  I am sure that the success they had assured them that the path they were on was ordained by God.  In all the visible blessings I believe that the ultimate destruction was a direct result of underestimating or ignoring of the adversary(Satan).

In life, overconfidence always turns to bite you.  Even on the natural battlefield, when an overconfident army tends to not prepare as much they can get caught by surprise and beaten by a less powerful opponent.  Military commanders understand this and usually prepare their men for all possible scenarios against all enemies.

1Pe 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

When I survey the landscape of those who have risen to much influence in the body of Christ and have fallen,

1. I see an evangelist who is known all around the world and preaching holiness for decades, pull back from his message and say, “God will receive people who have a heart of love, even if they don’t embrace Jesus”

2.  I’ve seen another minister well renown around the world preaching holiness, change his direction after many decades and say that their is no hell and everyone is going to heaven.

3.   I read about another preacher that preached a pure message, took thousands over the Africa, turn on them and had them take poison.  This one mans action resulted in the death of a thousand.

4.  I saw another preacher build a mega church and preach on deliverance and holiness, only to reverse his belief and embrace everybody going to heaven plus get involved in a  sex scandal.

5.   I know of another preacher that came out of the previous ministry and built a mega ministry that got entangled with homosexual relationships with young men.

All of these ministries were huge and known around the world.  These were all committed men, that I believe were targeted by Satan to destroy any work they may have done.  Of course can’t blame all of it on Satan, but we certainly can say he was actively involved.

1Pe 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
The target has not only been placed on the minister but also on all those that he is able to impact.  Destroying one thats  highly visibility can cripple thousands or even millions.  We have to be vary careful that our confidence is placed in God and not ourselves or any other man.  Satan is artful taking righteous men and turning them into his workers.  He confined the mind of Judas and had him betray Jesus.   Some might say he was evil from the start and a plant by the enemy, but we see in scripture that after Judas had betrayed Jesus, he tried to return the money he got, when he couldn’t return it, he went and hung himself.  I believe that Judas is similar to some that rise in the body of Christ.  They are able to rise to prominence and be in the right places, just as Judas was able to be right next to Jesus.   Some that rise are not ready for the evil devices that are looking for the weak that will betray God for a few temporary benefits.

When I look into the eyes of those who have tasted the pleasures of God, and have turned to doctrines of devils, it seems almost as if they are under a spell.  High level demonic spirits take these ministers as trophies for the kingdom of darkness.  Through them and their influence they are able to advance doctrines of devils.

We as ministers of righteousness have to be very careful to stay in that same position of childlike faith in God.  Not over relying on status, natural ability, supporters, etc.  We have never risen high enough or gotten so close to God that Satan won’t try to bring about our downfall.  If he tried Jesus, he will try you.  If he got in the Apostle Peters head, he can get in yours.   Prepare for all scenarios, all contingencies, all devices, and always trust God more than your natural hands.

Author: kingdomadmin