The Jesus Equation Book

“evil has waged war on Jesus”

By James Alford

Righteousness Publishing

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From the beginning of time evil has worked to separate us from God.  This book is a journey through the web of deceit that has entangled mankind since the beginning.  The spiritual state of the current world is a direct result of a war on Jesus and his work on the cross.  From pagan religions to counterfeit spirits, worldly gain to fulfilling the desires of the flesh, every desire that man can imagine is at his finger tips.   Over two thousand years after Jesus’ death and resurrection, sin still reigns in the hearts of man and though the power of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has extended its reach to many parts of the world, many still don’t really know him.    The message contained here is for the end times church , believers, and non-believers to know Jesus is the door and his adversary Satan will do anything to separate us from him because the Jesus equation is the only way to eternal salvation.  Read this book and let it minister the truth to you that no matter how we as humans try to make our own way and reality in life, Jesus Christ will always be the equation to will reap greater and eternal blessings.  Books on Spirituality

About Author- James Alford’s spiritual journey has carried him to the farthest depths in his beliefs, even into atheism.  He left Christianity as a child and like the prodigal son he has returned to share the truth about this worlds deception and how Jesus Christ is the only answer to all of our questions.  For more answers to your questions about “the Jesus Equation”  or to get a copy for yourself goto