Losing Your Life For Christ

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Losing Your Life For Christ  – By James Alford


Today I looked at the news and I read something that I could not believe.   The Boy Scouts, a Christian organization, stepped back from their stance on being against gay leaders in the Scouts.  They said that they were going to now allow the individual troops to determine their stance on the matter.  This is an about face from many years standing firm on their core Christian beliefs.

I guess when you really look at it they are just falling in line with so many other organizations and churches across the nation.  Over the last couple of years many have been lining up behind the gay agenda, dismissing traditional mindsets and embracing a more accepting mindset.  While extremely troubling to those with conservative Christian beliefs, we should take comfort in it stands as a sign for the return of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ said with a certainty that before he comes back there has to be a falling away first….a falling away from all things righteous and holy.   I am always amazed when I read the scriptures and see how accurate they are to the times we live in.

One of the most profound prophetic statements from the word that speaks to today’s Christians is Luke 17:26-30.  It speaks to the condition that the world will be in when Jesus Christ returns.  There are two comparisons made…one to the days of Noah and the other to the days of Lot.  In both these instances in the bible the people were in a state of disobedience to God.  In Noah’s instance, the whole world except Noah and his family were worthy of destruction.  In the case of Lot, the city was full of sin and the spirit of homosexuality was ruling…so much so that God destroyed it and would not even allow anyone from lots family to look at the destruction.

We as Christian have to be careful that we do not become lukewarm in our understanding of God and his judgement.  God is the same today as he was when destruction was brought in Noah’s and Lot’s day.  The only thing holding back the destruction of man today is Jesus.  I really believe that today’s Christians are taking advantage of God’s mercy and the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross.  Many claim the name of Jesus to the extent that it is easy and convenient to their lives.  This is the reason why organizations like the Boy Scouts stand strong when the money continues to flow, but as soon as the membership and the sponsors depart, they change their tune.

It is clear why Jesus said that those who gain their life will lose it.  The only way to fight Satan is to be willing to give it all up for the sake of Jesus Christ.  If he knows that there are places that you are not willing to go for the sake of Jesus, he will take you there, because he knows that you will give in.  Most of today’s Christians don’t want to go there with the devil.  They hide in comfortable sanctuaries and only resist when there is not a price to pay.

God is looking for some people who don’t care about what people say or think, how much money they will lose, or how difficult things might be.  He is looking for some Gideon’s Army type Christians.  Ones who are not concerned about public opinion and support.  Ones who know that all they need is Jesus and if they have him everything is going to be ok.

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