Do You Really Love Jesus?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth had been slain since the beginning of this world (Rev 13:8), only to be born to a virgin mother and slain in this life and then conquered death so that we might be saved.  He is the high priest whose blood was shed to cover our sins for eternity.  The blood of animals or the traditions of men were insufficient, so Christ came, a perfect sacrifice, to conquer death and wipe our sins away.  Who is your Jesus? Is he the Jesus of Nazareth who died on Calvary and rose on the third day, proclaiming the wages of sin are death or is he the false image so many of our grandmothers hung on the wall praying to every night?  Did Jesus come with popcorn and candy apples for all the sinners?  Or is he the avenue for repentance for a sinful people?  Is Jesus in every path? Or is there only one path in Jesus?

Who is Jesus.  Many in the bible wondered the same thing, because he came and stood against the Jewish tradition that had woven itself into the worship of God.  The flesh is satisfied with the works of the flesh and Jesus destroyed that.  The same issues and spirits that caused problems in that day still move in the church today.  Jesus the Christ was against the traditions of man and yet the church today still embraces the traditions of man.  Its amazing that even though so many say that we are to worship God in spirit and in truth, they justify themselves by church attendance.  Jesus was sickened by the false and vain worship of that time.

Who is Jesus?  He was born to a virgin.  He was born in a manger.  He was a carpenter.  He was not in a lineage of Levite priests.  He was not the son a preacher.   He died on a cross in shame.

Who is Jesus?  He is the lamb that was slain since the beginning of time.  He came so that we might have an abundant spiritual life through his death and resurrection.  He healed and set the oppressed free.  The deliverer.

Who is Jesus?  Our eternal high priest on the right hand of God.  The lamb that covers our sins so they can be seen by God no more.  Our only access to the father.  The Door.

Do You  Love Jesus?

To many these revelations of Jesus have only surface value.  Most don’t understand that Jesus didn’t come for peace but with a sword (Matt 10:34).


Not knowing who Jesus was opens the door for a false messiah or false Jesus.  Evil spirits play the minds of the spiritually weak and spiritually arrogant leading to a false realization of Jesus.  Those who are children in Christ are easily deceived because they are not grounded in what they believe and let emotion and pressure take them down a spiraling path that leads anywhere but to Jesus Christ.  Those who are arrogant in their walk with God believe their revelations that contradict bible teachings, are a revelation to what God is doing now and who Jesus is.  They will mix and match catchy ideals and entertaining sermons to fake an anointing from the Holy Spirit thinking all along they are walking with Jesus (Rom. 16:18).  They will call on the name of Jesus, not knowing that the Jesus they call on is not the real Jesus the Christ.  They will be surprised on the day when Jesus tells them he never knew them. (Matt. 7:22-23).  If  they were doing great works in the name of Jesus and yet Jesus says he never knew them…….What Jesus were they using?  An Imposter?  So many powerful works yet without the power of the real Jesus Christ?.  I think that this scripture sums is up, (2 Cor. 11:14), “and no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”.  Many “Christians” follow Satan without even realizing it.  They are a child of disobedience (Satan), by the works of their flesh.

In some Christian churches, Satan has diluted who Jesus Christ really is.  Satan replaces faith, spirit, and truth with tradition and works of the flesh.  Justifying those worshippers in vain with what they see and feel, yet never coming to a knowledge of truth.
(2 Tim 3:7)

The true Jesus Christ has such a great pull on people that many religions appear to embrace him, yet they are really using him as a token to pull your belief system away from the true Jesus Christ.  Muslims embrace Jesus the prophet, Hindus embrace Jesus the enlightened, Wiccans embrace Jesus as part of the “mother earth”.  Catholics pair him as a baby next to the great Mother Mary.  Mormons put him on a spaceship.  These path ways include Jesus Christ but divert you from his true purpose….Salvation of his people.  Why do these religions embrace Jesus Christ when he didn’t embrace them?  They are embracing an imposter.  These doctrines are designed by devils to dilute and destroy a knowledge of the true and living Jesus Christ.

Author: kingdomadmin